Active Schools Initiative

An Active School is a school that strives to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. In order to achieve the Active School Flag schools must begin by self-evaluating their current provision across PE, Physical Activity and Partnerships. They must then plan and implement improvements across all three areas that will have a real and tangible impact on their school community. There are six steps in the process.

Step 1:  Raise Awareness

The Active School Flag is a whole school process which provides schools with an excellent opportunity to collaborate with parents, the local community and national agencies. The first step in the process is to raise whole school and community awareness of the Active School Flag.

Step 2: Register and form ASF committee

Carbury School has registered for the Active Flag and has formed an Active Flag Committee. The committee comprises of the ASF coordinator, pupils from 1st to 6th classes and other members of the teaching staff. The committee will work together with teachers, parents and local agencies to enable the whole school community to become more physically active.

Step 3: Self-evaluation

The self-evaluation process will allow our school to identify areas of strength and areas that should be prioritised for further improvement. The three sections in the self-evaluation process are Physical Education, Physical activity and Partnerships.

Step 4: Improvements

Carbury School will devise improvements based on the findings of the self-evaluation process.

An Active Flag Weekof focused events is an integral part of the Active School Flag process. It is a great way for our school community to come together to celebrate and enjoy physical activity. It will also allow our school to work more closely with parents, the local community and national agencies to promote physical activity.

Step 5: Accreditation

Once our school has achieved ALL of the ASF success criteria below we can request an accreditation visit. Accreditation requests are forwarded to the ASF screening committee. They review each request, in the context of the facilities and resources that are available to the school and the strength of school’s starting position. An accreditor will contact our school to arrange a suitable date for the accreditation visit.

Step 6: Flag awarded

After the accreditation visit, the ASF accreditor must submit their report to the ASF Coordinator and the final decision is made then about the awarding of the flag. Click here for their report