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Junior and Senior Infants plant Spring Bulbs

We may be coming into the winter months but Junior and Senior Infants are already planning for spring. Children from both classes planted a variety of bulbs including daffodils, tulips, crocuses and hyacinths. We hope that our classroom window sills will be brightened with a colourful display next term. For now, patience is key as our expert gardeners wait to see if their efforts will be successful.

Road Safety Week

Know the Code

Welcome Junior Infants

Junior Infants have had a busy start to the year.

Our first month at Carbury School

Welcoming our new pupils

World Book Day 2015

Open a book, open a world of imagination!

Yum, yum, is breá liom pancóga!

Delicious smell reported in Carbury as pancakes are made

Our first two weeks in "Big School"

Junior Infants have just finished their first two weeks at "Big School".

Bye, Bye Butterfly

Junior Infants were delighted when their five Painted Lady Butterflies finally emerged from their chrysalises and there was much excitement upon their release.

Flutter By Butterfly

Junior Infants are eagerly awaiting some new arrivals to our classroom, Painted Lady Butterflies.