Carbury is going green!!!

Upon our relocation back to our permanent premises, we began to pursue our first Green Flag. There are seven essential steps to the Green-Schools' programme. These are:

  • CommitteeNotice Board
  • Environmental Review
  • Action Plan
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Curriculum Work
  • Informing and Involving
  • Green Code

We have established the seven elements of the scheme. Our aim this year is to continue to  reduce litter and waste in our school.

Meet our Green-School Committee

Our Green-School's committee aims to direct and address all phases of the Green-Schools' Programme. Primarily the committee is made up of students, who were Committeeelected by their peers to represent each class, children who wrote letters of application and teachers, who have  a vested interest in the area.  All other teaching and ancillary staff will help to secure its implementation and assist with the communication of ideas and messages. The student body and the wider school community will commit to following and adhering to the good practice the Green-School committee shares with us. The main objectives of the committee is to:

  • Ensure the seven steps are successfully adopted and implementedMeeting
  • Give students a voice and to recognise their ideas are important
  • Ensure all opinions are heard from the school community and acted upon where appropriate
  • Ensure the continuity of the programme
  • Link with school management and the local community

 Striving to meet our targets


Our Green Schools Committee and the whole school community continue to work hard in our pursuit of our first Green Flag. Our recent Green Schools Action Day was a huge success and the staff were amazed at the creativity of Carbury students. Songs, poems and raps were performed and wonderful artwork was created. Children also continued their curricular work on the theme of Litter and Waste. Click here our gallery photographs.

The Greens Schools Committee would like to thank everyone for their efforts and would like to remind everyone of our achievements so far:

  • Carbury School has maintained its almost litter free status.
  • 42 phones sent to the Jack and Jill foundation.
  • 7 boxes of batteries sent to Wee for recycling.
  • Print Cartridges recycled with money being raised for Crumlin Children’s Hospital.
  • A 21% reduction in waste going to landfill.
  • A 20% reduction in waste going to recycling