Requests and resolutions

Invitations/ Cards

It is school policy that invitations to birthday parties, Christmas cards etc. are not distributed in the school premises out of consideration for non-receivers. Click here for the relevant circular on Birthday Invitations.

Parking Etiquette

It is vital that Carbury's safety standards are maintained. We, therefore, urge all school patrons to exercise due consideration for others and for the safety and welfare of our pupils. Please click here for the relevant circular regarding parking restrictions

E-readers and Electronic Devices

Carbury School is committed to moving students and staff forward into a 21st century learning environment. As part of this plan, Carbury permits the use of e-readers during the learning day. With teacher approval, students may use their own devices in the classroom to access and read preloaded books on their devices. Mobile phones that have book readers installed are not allowed to be used during the school day. The current mobile phone restrictions remain in effect and supersedes this action. Click here for the relevant circular on E-readers

Nut-Free Zone 

As a number of our pupils suffer from a nut allergy, Carbury School is a nut-free zone. We ask that you make yourself familiar with the following circular on the advice for parents. Please  do not send nut/nut extracts or any products containing nuts to school. If you are unsure of the ingredients of a particular product, please check its food label as its not always obvious in the main packaging description. Click here for the relevant circular on our Nut-Free School.