Primary Science Initiative

Awards of Science and Maths Excellence

In order to be in contention for the Science and Maths Excellence Award the school has to meet certain criteria:Discover Primary Science

Keeping a log of evidence is central when demonstrating that our school has met all the criteria required to recieve a certificate of STEM. 
Logs of evidence are divided into five main categories. 

Step One: Science

Provide evidence of the children engaging in hands-on science investigations in school. These can be from any of the four strands. 
Please click here to see our science logs. 

Step Two: Technology

Provide evidence of how the children used technology as part of their school work. 
Our classes put together PowerPoint Presentations. Please click here to see us work on our new laptops

Step Three: Engineering

Provide evidence of how the children investigated engineering in class.
During Engineers' Week Lotus Engineers visited our school. Click here for the full report

Step Four: Maths

Provide Evidence of how the children used their maths skills.
We attended a Maths Week event last October in Sligo I.T. Please click here for our photo gallery

Step Five STEM Showcase

Provide evidence that the children shared their science work with others.
We hosted a science afternoon in our school. Please click here for the reactions of our visiting classes