We have decided to use the Seesaw learning platform as part of our whole school strategy for remote learning. Seesaw Class App is used for our pupils to connect to their folder. Work may be allocated, by their teachers, through this app and then they have the option of uploading assignments to their folder for correction. This app is used in all classes and requires a unique QR or password which is available from the school. 

Class emails will be used, also, to submit completed work. The following email addresses are in use, for this purpose only, in the different classes:

Junior Infants jiremotelearning@carburyschool.com
Senior Infants siremotelearning@carburyschool.com
First Class 1stremotelearning@carburyschool.com
Second Class 2ndremotelearning@carburyschool.com
Third Class 3rdremotelearning@carburyschool.com
Fourth Class 4thremotelearning@carburyschool.com
Fifth Class 5thremotelearning@carburyschool.com
Sixth Class 6thremotelearning@carburyschool.com

Please click here to access our Remote Learning Policy