The People Who Help Us

Carbury School has a staff of fourteen teachers who are assigned to duties as follows:

  • 1 Principal Teacher
  • 8 Mainstream Class Teachers
  • 5 Learning Support/Resource Teachers (LSRT)

Michaela James is our school secretary. 

This is the teaching staff allocation for the academic year 2017-2018:

Junior Infants Mrs. Emma Pearson    
Senior Infants Mrs. Sandra Armstrong
First Class Ms. Maura Conheady
Second Class Ms. Sandra Duncan
Third Class Ms. Aileen Ruane
Fourth Class Ms. Ruth Hunter
Fifth Class Ms. Sharon Love
Sixth Class Mrs. Avril West
LSRT Ms. Ann Harte
LSRT Ms. Sabrina Love
LSRT Ms. Gillian McMorrow
LSRT Ms. Dawn Chapman
LSRT Mrs. Lisa Cassidy 
Principal Mr. Alan Moffitt


Teaching StaffAll parents are encouraged to keep in regular contact with class teachers and to keep informed about their children's progress. You will appreciate that only a few brief words can be exchanged with a teacher while teaching a full class. However, if a longer discussion is required, an appointment should be arranged in advance by either sending a note in your child's homework diary or telephoning the school office. Michaela, our school secretary, would be more than willing to arrange a meeting.