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Board of Management


The Board of Management manages the school on behalf of the patrons and is accountable to the patrons and the Minister of Education. The board must uphold the ethos of the school and is accountable to the patrons for so doing. The term of office for our new Board of Management will commence in December 2023 and conclude on the 30th November 2027.

The Board of Management is made up of the following eight members:

  1. Two direct nominees of the patrons
  2. The principal of the school
  3. One other serving teacher on the staff of the school
  4. Two parents elected from parents of children who are enrolled and have commenced attendance at the school (one being a mother, the other a father)
  5. Two community nominees



Current Board of Management Members:

Chairperson/Patrons' Nominee Mr. Derek Whitcroft
Patrons' Nominee Rev. David Clarke
Principal Ms. Linda McMahon
Teachers' Nominee Ms. Lisa Grehan
Parents' Nominee Ms. Karen Glenister
Parents' Nominee Mr. James Melvin
Community Nominee Mr. Tommy Banks
Community Nominee Mr. Ivan Sproule



Agreed Reports